Chewaya Authentic Moroccan BBQ

Welcome to Chewaya BBQ (pronounced shaw-way-ah) which means barbecue in Moroccan.  Our food is a truly unique, mobile dining experience and we look forward to sharing our delicious food at a location near you.  Thank you for visiting our site.  Please check out our calendar so that you can stop by and experience some delicious authentic Moroccan food!


8 thoughts on “Chewaya Authentic Moroccan BBQ

  1. YUM, YUM!! Tried your food for the first time today and can’t wait until next week when I can try another item 🙂 Welcome to Eastgate, we’re sure glad you’re here!

  2. I tried your lamb sandwich today … that was the best I’ve ever had. It’s a good combination of flavors. I love the soft bread. (do you call it a gyro? It looks like one but not sure if you call it that).

    I’m so glad to have found you at the 2nd and Pike location (downtown Seattle). Hope you’ll be there for a while.

    p.s. love the hot mint tea.

  3. Thank you Thuong for your nice comments. We are so happy that enjoyed the food. We hope to come back to 2nd and Pike soon. Please like us on Facebook for the most current updates!!

  4. Thank you for the wonderful Taza today at the Costco location. Looking forward to seeing your Food Truck again!

  5. Thanks Elizabeth for taking the time to comment! We are so glad that you enjoyed it!!

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