6 thoughts on “Food Photos

  1. Went looking for you in Bellevue yesterday.When and where will you be next week?

  2. Hi Julie, thanks for you interest. Our website is updated each Monday. Please view calendar for updated locations.


  3. I had lunch from the Chewaya food truck today got the first time. It was the best. I hope they return to Issaquah again.

  4. Hi Jane, thank you so much for the nice comments! We are happy you enjoyed the food and stay tuned on our website or Facebook for updates as to weekly location.

  5. the truck came by our T-Mobile campus yesterday – 7/17/2014 – the salad with chicken was sooo good. The chicken was prepared well and spicy, and the salad overall was so fresh, and the sweetness of the fruit and veg along with the savory dressing made this salad a winner!! great job! i cant wait for you to come back!

  6. Thank you so much for taking the time to provide these wonderful comments. We are so happy that you enjoyed your meal. We look forward to coming back to T-Mobile very soon!!

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